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For my day, I have started with overnight oats with vanilla soy milk and a medium sized scoop of peanutella!  I then followed up in my morning with a second cup of coffee (with Butter Pecan Creamer) and a handful of butter snap pretzels. Obviously, my downfall is coffee creamer! I love this stuff. My parents know their coffee, and when I was old enough, I inheirted that taste for good coffee and good flavors. There’s just something about coffee creamer that I love! But I don’t think it’s so great for the waste line.  I have been trying to not put as much in (besides the fact that it can be overly sweet) and I have been “watering” down my coffee with Vanilla Soy Milk – which not only adds a punch of protein, but it slightly better for me and lower in calories. So far, the switch has been good. But nothing beats some coconut flavor and a splash of half ‘n’ half! 😛

Ding ding ding! Round two. I am back at work for my second 10-hour day. Plugging away and chatting to insurance companies. Which begs the question? When you don’t necessary have fun or enjoy your job – how do you deal with that? Part of my goal at the Content Life is trying find out what I can do when I am not necessarily…content. Sometimes the work isn’t so fun and coworkers aren’t so friendly (sometimes I am surrounded by pure negativity), and the time crunch is upon you – how do I find the strength to not throw my hands up in the air and give up? 😦 Sometime I am amazed that I don’t. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, here’s how I view it.

1) I am so lucky to have a job. With unemployment rates sky rocketing and just graduating college – I feel so blessed to have found a job so quick in an area that I wanted to find one. While it may not be the “dream job” I always wanted – it pays the bills and keeps me busy. It provides a level of comfort and security in a rather uncertain time.
2) I have met a great friend at work – a person I normally probably would have never met considering!
3) I have learned so many new things that will help me in the long run and have added to my experience and resume.
4) Life experience! I’ve moved and started a new chapter of my life – I’m engaged and preparing for the future with my future hubby-to-be!
5) It’s all part of finding the content life – I am finding what makes me happy and what doesn’t. I am learning how to balance things and take care of what I need. And having the blog let me reach out and find what makes me happy, and I also use it as a creative outlet.

All in all, life is as good as you make it! 😀


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