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I made my fiancee’s favorite burrito recipe – I really suck at taking pictures (even with my phone) – I had high hopes a took the picture below to start. Then I got a phone call from my mom and it was downhill from there. I have a  digital camera, so I guess I could break that out. I’ve been using my phone camera to track my food. So far…not so good. Missed dinner pictures last night (I was famished after my quick workout! – it wasn’t great, but it was something), and breakfast again this moring. So I need to get in the habit of that to track my food. So this picture is the start of the burritos – onions cooking away. I’ll have to leave the rest to your imagination. I ate one burrito (about 7 months ago, I would’ve had two). For breakfast this morning, had the same overnight oats as yesterday (which chocolate chips and peanut butter) – with my coconut coffee! I am drinking water too, I feel super dehydrated.

Work is stressful. I work with a not so happy coworker (How to deal with a crabby coworker). Packing tonight – flight early tomorrow morning!! I must be at the airport at 5:10am. My sweetie is dropping me off uber-early! Trying on the jeans my friend gave me tonight, hoping to be able to do a fashion show and pack some of these cute jeans up! Wedding dress shoping – t-minus two days AAH! 🙂 Last ten hour day…lots of meetings but off on an adventure tomorrow. Need to get back into a great exercise routine I had. Ten hour work weeks and trips out of state for Wedding Dress shopping are not condusive to that!

Great website: Wallet Pop – check it out. Get money saving tips!

A little bummed right now. I got a lot done today…just not enough. I ate fairly well today, took my sweetie out for a quick bite at a locally owned soup place. They were out of my favorite soup (which I was craving all day!) but I got the second best, cheddar and broccoli. With a dash of salt and pepper, it almost made me forgot about my favorite…almost (coconut curry red lentil soup! MMmm!). I have a loaded veggie sandwich with a roll on the side. It was quite tasty and really hit the spot! My fiance got the chicken with dumplings soup, and turkey sandwich, and roll. I think he liked it!

A busy day lead into an even busier evening. Sadly, I did not exercise tonight. I am bummed since my friend gave me a ton of new pants and jeans – which I believe will fit (fingers crossed) – and I want to fit into them (without any tightness). I must climb back on that horse, I have high hopes for tomorrow though. I might do the exercise I typed out and then I maybe throw in a quick yoga workout from an exercise DVD tomorrow.

My honey had to head back home tonight, and I am always worried when he travels. Say a quick pray for him!

Eat well, exercise right, and enjoy life.

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