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Coffee creamer is my vice! I am addicted to it. I look forward to my cup of joe with a splash of creamy, processed deliciousness. I am in love with coconut flavored anything. There is a limited edition Almond Joy flavor hanging out on the shelves now; and my trusty standby, coconut cream, is always available. Taking a look at the side of the bottle though is slightly cringeworthy. Because for me, a little does not go a long way. A one tablespoon service can have as much at 3 grams of fat (60% being saturated) and 30 to 35 calories. One tablespoon on top of the other can really add up. I usually add almond milk and then a tablespoon or two of the creamer to make my coffee “watered” (or “milked”) down to not put as many calories in my coffee. I just am trying to decide if my morning “treat” is really worth it, or if there is another alternative to my delicious coconut coffee cravings. I love it. But maybe it needs to be a “treat”, only a few times a week with other options in between. Sugar Free flavoring? Black? Plain old vanilla soy/almond milk? Maybe these coffee should be reserved for weekends and on Wednesdays. This habit will be hard to kick, so I need to muse on this one a little longer.

Boredom eating. Serious stuff. At work is when it hits me the worst. I eat because I am bored. And when I am not even hungry. When I am not enjoying something, I like to eat. Because I love eating. I love good food, I love tasting things. I just love it! The key I noticed to this is actually recording, and watching what I eat. If I am hungry, I should eat something. If I am eating and not hungry, I am wasting those calories in my “calorie bank”. Which means I won’t be able to enjoy that cookie later after dinner. This comes back to emotional eating. Boredom eating is actually a form of emotional eating. For me, the challenge has been how to tell if I am actually hungry or if I think I am hungry. I don’t like to get to the point where I am famished and my stomach is growling with hunger pains. This is just helping me get in touch with my body a little better and I am beginning to understand more of it’s little quirks.

For more information on emotiomal eating, visit WebMD here:

These are things I have been doing in order to eat better and enjoy my food more. I present, Healthier Me Tips:
1) Keep lots of produce in the house. Whether it’s fruit or veggies. I’m morel ikely to make a smoothie, or grab a piece of fruit on the go instead of a high calorie granola bar or cookie from the counter. Packing my lunches for work are also a lot healthier.
2) Eat slower.  I actually take time to chew my food, and enjoy the taste. Before I would scraf some down and then some more. Now, by taking my time – I enjoy the taste and then I am more likely to stop when my  body has had enough. Before I would just eat until I felt full, but when I listen to my body, I was TOO full.
3) Portion Size. Portion out food. You don’t need to eat out of the bag or container. You can always go back for more, but it eliminated mindless eating.

Lunch and snacks for today have been spread out, but delicious none the less. I had another cup of coffee with my vice, more Almond Joy creamer. A meeting at work today provided a spread of CostCo Muffins (diet buster supreme!), rugelah, OJ, and fruit. I decided to eat my lunch before hand, and sip my coffee throughout. Instant waist saver. 🙂

Midmorning with my coffee, I had a few bites of apple sauce. I realized I wasn’t super hungry so I didn’t finish off the apple sauce. Soon it was time for the meeting and my tummy was grumbly. I ate my PB&J on SmartWheat bread. And then finished off the apple sauce. Off to the meeting I went, full and drinking my TASTY coffee. Right now I am snacking on some delicious carrots, and I am going to satisfy my sweet tooth with 3 honey sesame crunches. MMM! Overall todays been a good day. Tonight on the menu for dinner is homemade mac and cheese, and exercise will be a simpler off day. A walk with the soon-to-be-hubby as we have a concert he is conducting tonight. Time to finish the day strong!! Gym tomorrow, picking up produce at the store tonight, meeting at bank, and switching my overpriced cable package over. Busy afternoon!


For my day, I have started with overnight oats with vanilla soy milk and a medium sized scoop of peanutella!  I then followed up in my morning with a second cup of coffee (with Butter Pecan Creamer) and a handful of butter snap pretzels. Obviously, my downfall is coffee creamer! I love this stuff. My parents know their coffee, and when I was old enough, I inheirted that taste for good coffee and good flavors. There’s just something about coffee creamer that I love! But I don’t think it’s so great for the waste line.  I have been trying to not put as much in (besides the fact that it can be overly sweet) and I have been “watering” down my coffee with Vanilla Soy Milk – which not only adds a punch of protein, but it slightly better for me and lower in calories. So far, the switch has been good. But nothing beats some coconut flavor and a splash of half ‘n’ half! 😛

Ding ding ding! Round two. I am back at work for my second 10-hour day. Plugging away and chatting to insurance companies. Which begs the question? When you don’t necessary have fun or enjoy your job – how do you deal with that? Part of my goal at the Content Life is trying find out what I can do when I am not necessarily…content. Sometimes the work isn’t so fun and coworkers aren’t so friendly (sometimes I am surrounded by pure negativity), and the time crunch is upon you – how do I find the strength to not throw my hands up in the air and give up? 😦 Sometime I am amazed that I don’t. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, here’s how I view it.

1) I am so lucky to have a job. With unemployment rates sky rocketing and just graduating college – I feel so blessed to have found a job so quick in an area that I wanted to find one. While it may not be the “dream job” I always wanted – it pays the bills and keeps me busy. It provides a level of comfort and security in a rather uncertain time.
2) I have met a great friend at work – a person I normally probably would have never met considering!
3) I have learned so many new things that will help me in the long run and have added to my experience and resume.
4) Life experience! I’ve moved and started a new chapter of my life – I’m engaged and preparing for the future with my future hubby-to-be!
5) It’s all part of finding the content life – I am finding what makes me happy and what doesn’t. I am learning how to balance things and take care of what I need. And having the blog let me reach out and find what makes me happy, and I also use it as a creative outlet.

All in all, life is as good as you make it! 😀

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