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Long days like today, and when my fiancee and I are both super busy – it makes me miss him quite a bit. We spend time together, but sometimes that time some how turns into all the “getting stuff done” we need to do. I miss my man! So tonight I am making him his favorite burrito recipe and we are going to have a nice sit down dinner, then we will watch Modern Family together! Another step to having the Content Life.

A note from my hubby-to-be – he put it on my lunch bag one day. It was special to me, so I cut it out and put it on my bulletin board at work next to a great picture of him!

Only a little bit more to go. Exhausted and ready for the evening. Ate most of the snack bag and opened an Oats ‘n’ Honey bar – got hungry!

Content Life Tip: make more time for the one’s you love! And summer’s always almost around the corner:

Just when you think everything is “slowing down” or becoming easier. Beware! My fiancee’s dad always said that “bad things come in threes”. So let’s begin:

1) Small problem: kind of a bummer. My purple coffee mug, brand new from my mom for Christmas, the slidey part broke off last night while washing. My handyman fiancee fixed it for me with some superglue and it’s good as new as new (he just told me to be gentle with it).

2) Medium problem: at 5:50 this morning – right before my alarm went off, the “chirping” of the smoke alarm. In my sleepy stupor, I tried to replace the battery and handle that wonderful “beeping sound”.

3) Large problem: I did laundry last night, and I checked the dryer this morning – my clothes were surprisingly still damp. The heat doesn’t seem to be working in it – it tumbles – but it’s obviously not happy and at 6am this morning I couldn’t do much about it. My fiancee will look at it later…but ugh! 😦

For breakfast, I had overnight oats (with organic Vanilla Soy Milk) then this morning I added a big scoop of organic peanut butter and a palmful of chocolate chip. I think I made too much of it, but I ate it anyways. It surprising tasted a lot like chocolate chip cookie dough (which of course, is always good). Not like the peanut butter chocolate cup I was thinking it would be like. I am also enjoying my morning cup ‘o coffee with coconut creamer and soy milk. Mmm! 😀

Exercising tonight. I am doing it. No matter what. I was on a roll building some strength and muscle back – and now I am feeling doughy again. I never though being so busy would make exercising so hard. Since I work 40 hour weeks, I usually work from 7:30 to 3:30ish, and fitting in a work on those days is easy compared to this week! Heading out of state for wedding dress shopping in 2 days. Sometimes, even with all this motivation, when you’re exhausted, it’s hard to get moving.

Off to a shakey start! 😛

A little bummed right now. I got a lot done today…just not enough. I ate fairly well today, took my sweetie out for a quick bite at a locally owned soup place. They were out of my favorite soup (which I was craving all day!) but I got the second best, cheddar and broccoli. With a dash of salt and pepper, it almost made me forgot about my favorite…almost (coconut curry red lentil soup! MMmm!). I have a loaded veggie sandwich with a roll on the side. It was quite tasty and really hit the spot! My fiance got the chicken with dumplings soup, and turkey sandwich, and roll. I think he liked it!

A busy day lead into an even busier evening. Sadly, I did not exercise tonight. I am bummed since my friend gave me a ton of new pants and jeans – which I believe will fit (fingers crossed) – and I want to fit into them (without any tightness). I must climb back on that horse, I have high hopes for tomorrow though. I might do the exercise I typed out and then I maybe throw in a quick yoga workout from an exercise DVD tomorrow.

My honey had to head back home tonight, and I am always worried when he travels. Say a quick pray for him!

Eat well, exercise right, and enjoy life.

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