Long days like today, and when my fiancee and I are both super busy – it makes me miss him quite a bit. We spend time together, but sometimes that time some how turns into all the “getting stuff done” we need to do. I miss my man! So tonight I am making him his favorite burrito recipe and we are going to have a nice sit down dinner, then we will watch Modern Family together! Another step to having the Content Life.

A note from my hubby-to-be – he put it on my lunch bag one day. It was special to me, so I cut it out and put it on my bulletin board at work next to a great picture of him!

Only a little bit more to go. Exhausted and ready for the evening. Ate most of the snack bag and opened an Oats ‘n’ Honey bar – got hungry!

Content Life Tip: make more time for the one’s you love! And summer’s always almost around the corner: