I am really horrible about taking pictures of my lunch. Igot ravenous and just ate it all! It was leftover Broccoli Cheddar soup from last night and half of a roll (easy and not too cool to look at). So the best I can do now is my afternoon snack. I am starting off the afternoon with a mug of organic green tea, water, and a homemade “trail mix” of sorts. In the mix, tropic mix of dried fruit and nuts, a palmful of peanuts, pita chips, and sourdough pretzel bits. It’s pretty good and I am sure it will last me the whole afternoon. I am vegetarian, so I know finding some easy, protein snacks it difficult sometimes. I tend to load up on the carbs. I had been incorporating a lot more veggies, but all the veggies and fresh fruit are gone – and since I am leaving Friday and returned Monday – no sense in getting more right now.

Fingers crossed when I get home tonight, my dryer will respond to some things my dad and blogs have said. If not…dryer hunting online for some good deals.

Burrito’s tonight! And the 30 minute circuit workout I said was going to do last night…yea, that’s happening tonight. 😛