It’s lunch time! On the menu today is another banana the size of Florida and a PB&J. Quick and easy. I ate the banana and only half of the sandwhich – and for some reason I can’t finish the other half. I think I will save it for a little bit later!

I also need to start drinking more water – some times water just doesn’t sound great. But I know for health benefits, I should drink more. I have a tendency to drink just enough…and then I feel super dehydrated for the next day. Goal: drink two water bottles a day (that’s 8 glasses, the daily recommended amount).

Ok, so now I am finishing the other half of the sandwhich. ūüėÄ

My fiance got stellar scores on his Praxis test! I am going to take him out to dinner to celebrate tonight. He really exercised¬†his brain, so¬†he did an amazing job (as I expected)!¬†It’s just a matter of finding something yummy and cost-effective for dinner tonight. I am thinking soup and sandwhich (yum!) – but knowing my fiance – he’ll probably want pizza (which is a-ok with me ūüėČ ).

Speaking of exercise, I am finding my motivation is nill today. I am exhausted. And it’s only Tuesday.¬†I will probably do a circuit that I do sometimes when I am in trying to squeeze something but don’t have the ideal amount of time or energy. You don’t need a gym or any equipment – just some music, 30 minutes, and a tiny bit of motivation.

It’s a ten-minute circuit that I do three times:

1. Butt kicks – 1 and 1/2 minutes
2. Squats Р1 and 1/2 minutes
3. Lunges Р1 and 1/2 minutes
4. Reverse crunches or toe reaches Р30 seconds
5. Leg lowers with oblique crunch Р30 seconds
6. Flutter kicks or cross over crunch Р1 minute
7. Push-ups Р30 seconds
8. Lotus pose Р30 seconds
9. Donkey Kicks Р30 seconds
10. Jumping Jacks Р1 minute
11. Skaters Р1 minute

Drinking some green tea – ready to finish off the day strong!