So my first “ten hour” day is done at work. And I am burnt out! I need to break out the camera and take pictures, to become a real food logger. This afternoon I enjoyed some applesauce and a couple of handfuls of butter snap and sourdough pretzels.

After I got home – I was burnt out! BUT I popped in the Jillian Michael 30 Day Shred and completed Phase 1 – wasn’t as intense as some of them are or as great of a workout – but it was quick and I did something today!

After that my finance and heated up some leftover mac and cheese, which I topped with saracha and crunched up tortilla chips. 🙂 It was tasty, but I am happy I fit a work out in. I am trying to cut portion sizes, because I tend to over indulge when my stomach is more that full and I tend to eat when I am stressed too – so this week will be a challenge. But so far so good, just taking it a day at time.

Miss my fiance, he’s braving the treacherous roads on his way back home. So I say a quick pray as I am falling asleep on the couch.

G’night and do it all again tomorrow! 😀